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" AI's in the future will be able to recreate people from the information left behind about them if suitable backups of their brain were not made (in which case it would be straightforward). Neural nanobots would obtain all the available information about them from other people's brains. The AI would also consider all of the person's writings, pictures, movies, etc. also their genetic code. And it could then create a person who would pass aTuring test for that person with their best friends as the judges. For that reason it is worthwhile keeping your own files -- letters, emails, photos,writings, etc.  Is this recreated person the same person? It is an interesting question,  but we could also ask today are we the same person as we were, say, a year ago. The recreated person by the AI is probably at least as close as we are to ourselves after some time passage."

Ray Kurzweil
Inventor of the All-Font Scanner, Talking Book for the Blind & Kurzweil Piano
Creator of AI Music Composers, AI Poets and AI Artists
Recipient of National Medal of Technology


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
Mohandas Gandhi