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NOTICE: CyBeRev is going into transition in the very near future. We have decided to take the project off-line while we migrate the mindfiles into newer storage formats, bring the supporting software up to current industry standards and take steps to enhance future reliability and availability. During this period, we will enable all active CyBeRev users the ability to post links to locations where they have uploaded media, interacted in social media or stored other data that they wish integrated into their mindfile.

Mar 12th 2015

The new visitor pages are now available from this page using the Visitor (beta) button above. The previous visitor pages are still available through the menu selection: Digital Mindfile->Visit Bemes.

Nov 19th 2014

World's first mind upload
The OpenWorm project has mapped the connections between the worm's 302 neurons and simulated them in software. (The project's ultimate goal is to completely simulate C. elegans as a virtual organism.) Recently, they put that software program in a simple Lego robot.

July 1st 2014

All of our biographical, personality assessment and media management tools have been updated and are ready for use! Please send any questions you may have on the new tools to mail@terasemcentral.org. Thank you!

March 28th 2014

A new utility for rapid personality capture has been added to the beta utilities supporting photos, videos, sound files, and miscellaneous files (including zip files). You can find a link for those utilities near the bottom of the landing page after you sign in.

Jan 1st 2014
There is a wonderful article about the Terasem Mind Uploading Experiment that was published in the International Journal of Machine Consciousness and is strongly recommended for an in depth understanding of the purpose behind this web site.

Nov 25th 2013
Our database server has been updated and upgraded ... more than doubling our capacity! Upload now!

May 8th 2013
Changes to your personality profile are now being tracked. This means that you will now be able to capture your personality and opinions as they change simply by revisiting the personality questions from time to time. These questions capture everything from your tastes in food to your core beliefs and wisdom. They are a critical component of your mindfile ... revisit them frequently!

April 2013
CyBeRev is featured this month in an article in Alcor's Cryonics Magazine entitled "Alternatives for Very Long Storage of Personal Information and Materials" by Mike Anzis available here

January 1st 2013
CyBeRev participation has been limited to pre-existing participants and new users will be added by invitation only. If you are interested in participating, please send your contact information to mail@terasemcentral.org. Thank you!

July 20th, 2012

A fantastic movie based on the book The Singularity Is Near is now available for purchase/download at www.singularity.com.

Terasem has a location in Second Life. To teleport to our SL location, click here.

Spacecast your bemes!


Welcome         Earth

Welcome to CyBeRev!

Effective January 1, 2013, CyBeRev participation has been limited to pre-existing accounts and new accounts will be by invitation only. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at mail@terasemcentral.org and we will send you the information you need to get started

Featured Participants


About the project

CyBeRev means cybernetic beingness revival. The CyBeRev project is part of a multi-decade experiment to test the comparability of single person actual human consciousness with a digital representation of the same person created by personality software that draws upon a database comprised of the original person's digitized interactions, as assessed by expert psychological review. The purpose of the CyBeRev project is to preserve sufficient digital information about a person so that, should the experiment validate the comparability of such consciousnesses, recovery of the digitized personality will remain possible. The Terasem Movement believes that future technology will enable full recovery of functionality for CyBeRev people in this manner. (Read more)

The first step toward achieving that goal, and the purpose of this website, is for participants to store digital reflections of their mannerisms, personality, recollections, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and values with as great a fidelity as is possible.

Participants can store digital reflections in a variety of formats, including:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Text documents
  • Audio recordings
  • Favorites
  • Personality tests

Participants can then choose to share some or all of their information with others through the Visit Reflections feature of the project.


The service is provided by invitation only based on sponsorship by an active Terasem participant.  Candidates must be over the age of 13.  Send an inquiry to mail@terasemcentral.org for additional information.


Terasem Movement is continuing to develop new ways to store digital reflections and will release these tools once they are fully tested. In addition, TMI is continually enchancing the current tools and functionality of the site.


Please read the Terasem Hypotheses and Mission statement


" AI's in the future will be able to recreate people from the information left behind about them if suitable backups of their brain were not made (in which case it would be straightforward). Neural nanobots would obtain all the available information about them from other people's brains. The AI would also consider all of the person's writings, pictures, movies, etc. also their genetic code. And it could then create a person who would pass aTuring test for that person with their best friends as the judges. For that reason it is worthwhile keeping your own files -- letters, emails, photos,writings, etc.  Is this recreated person the same person? It is an interesting question,  but we could also ask today are we the same person as we were, say, a year ago. The recreated person by the AI is probably at least as close as we are to ourselves after some time passage."

Ray Kurzweil
Inventor of the All-Font Scanner, Talking Book for the Blind & Kurzweil Piano
Creator of AI Music Composers, AI Poets and AI Artists
Recipient of National Medal of Technology


"First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win.
Mohandas Gandhi